Leslie Gaudet Coaching

Leslie Gaudet is a passionate Burnout Prevention Specialist and Self-Care Coach who empowers female entrepreneurs to avoid burnout and thrive through daily self-care. With nearly 4 decades of corporate experience, Leslie intimately understands the heavy toll that burnout takes on ambitious, driven women and their companies. She firmly believes that integrating self-care into their lives and workplaces is the lifeblood of sustainable success in business and beyond. Leslie guides her clients to transform their lives by seamlessly incorporating rejuvenating self-care practices into their daily routines, including self-care essentials for overall emotional, and physical health. When they learn to prioritize self-care, they become refreshed, motivated leaders who can inspire their teams, foster supportive work cultures, and drive business growth. Leslie equips her clients with practical tools to practice self-care daily, giving them the energy, focus, and confidence needed to fully engage in their priorities. Her proven approach helps female founders care for themselves from the inside out, so they avoid draining their emotional, and physical reserves. With Leslie's expert support, her clients learn to role model self-care for their teams. The outcome is a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. By proactively taking care of themselves first, they can spread the transformational benefits of self-care throughout their companies and experience more work-life balance, stronger relationships, and sustainable business success.